Com Truise: Memory

These fragments he has shored against our ruin: Com Truise is building something marvelous from the wreckage others left behind, and that makes him someone instantly important in music today.

“Memory” is the first track from Iteration, the new Com Truise LP which will be released in mid-June 2017, and if it’s any indication, this is an album that will see Seth Haley’s project solidify in the same way that Tycho did with Awake, both expanding a sound rooted in the past but perfecting it as well.

And “Memory” is a quite perfect track: a blend of the sonics captured on Galactic Melt and his recent “iteration,” Silicon Tare but coming together with a more practiced and refined sense of songwriting and emotional attachment. The synths are still big and technicolor, the melodies still roll along in an infinite computer generated wave and every beat has a mathematic precision, as if it was a track plotted in the squares of a piece of graph paper. But the overall effect is one of song rather than sound; a depth where in the past a Com Truise record might have taken pride in its luxurious surface beauty. There’s nothing to spare, either: this is streamlined with a ruthless efficiency. A digital world has trained artists to take for granted that more can always be added, but music isn’t a collage and an album isn’t a scrapbook and “Memory” winds down just as the emotional response is fading like a dying defibrillator.

This music is almost peerless, from an album that can’t come soon enough.


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Com Truise: Memory (Ghostly International)
1. Com Truise: Memory