Conan Liquid: Disko Sux EP II

I’ve been banging these tracks around all month, and I am pleased to inform you that the “Disko Sux” title was used strictly ironically. “Back Booster” kicks it off nicely with plenty of well-integrated disco samples and a funky miniature bass riff that adds just the proper amount of funk to this track. It’s a great energy builder and floor filler, but not the crazy climax track you might be expecting. “Twisted Tabs” has more bass, more funk, and screams HOUSE with every beat. There’s an awesome key sample that comes in towards the end of the track, but I wish it was longer. Use this in sets to bridge a couple of heaters and people will go nuts. “A Lonely Weekend” uses a familiar keyboard sample (can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard it before) and seducing vocals to get you moving. I love the filtering patterns that help to break up the repetition and the bassline. Not as energetic as the other two, but if you’re looking to move from Deep House to Disco or vice versa, this will do the trick. On the whole, this EP is all Disko and no Sux. Review by D-VO

Tastefully done, this Disko Sux EP II has a “something old, something new” type of flava. Borrow a few riffs from a handful of Disco tracks, slice & dice the samples to obscurity, and no one will ever guess WHAT disco song you borrowed them from! Conan Liquid leads off the trio with “Back Booster”, a smart little number that’s hypnotic and infectious, to say the least. No vocals necessary, as the groove keeps your attention with a funky-ass bassline and crystal-clear hi-hats, all the while flirting with a clever disco loop that I am STILL humming while I write this, Push the NEXT button to check out “Twisted Tabs”, an equally hypnotic dub, and equally stingy on the disco sample as well. On first listen, you could mistake this one for a dustup number (and just may work in that arena), but the Salsoul-ish sample keeps it securely in the uptempo House family, so be sure to give it a good listen. One more punch on the NEXT button will cue up “A Lonely Weekend”. That’s 3-for-3 in my book. I almost overlooked this one – I am very partial to vocals when I play. So I gave it a second listen through my iPod headset, and it earned my vote. Funny thing is, I just might favor this one out of the three… But it all depends what I’m sipping’ on! Review by DJ Lil’John