Corduroy Mavericks have come correct again with another fine EP. This Lexington, Kentucky duo have really turned it up to eleven these past couple years with solid release after solid release. Their style lends to Deep House, Funky House and Jackin’ House, all wrapped up in a nice steamy tortilla filled with happiness. Unlike some beat burritos, this one is really good on the way in and on the way out.

The super jam cut of this release is the unmistakable hit “Unsettled”. You can’t go wrong with a nice deep funky chord groove and an R&B vocal that gets all the ladies on the floor. Drop a super slammin’ Hip-Hop/R&B work-out break-down in there to make booties pop, and finish it off with House Music pride samples and you will have jack frenzy on your hands. This track is why dance floors need to be repainted.

The second cut “Werk That” grabs you right in the funk and kicks. Some down’n’dirty clavi along with some werd dat vocals over a bouncing up and down bass line is a recipe for pants on the ground. A great compliment and perfectly placed middle tune in the EP.

To finish things off is a solid jazzy number called “Dance Me”. A really bluesy and dark mood vocal sails under the fantastically recorded trumpet solo. This all works toward the high swung break which kicks to the uplifting horn section to follow. All around amazing production and studio work on this EP which keeps getting better and better from the Corduroy Mavericks’ camp. If you aren’t hip to these Kentucky gents, then have a swig of what they are offering on this EP and I am sure you will be left satisfied.

review by Frankie J