I’ve had my eye on these guys all year, and I’ve been impressed with the work they’ve put out so far. We’ve got five tracks to hit, so let’s get right to the meat.

Three versions of “Sing to Swing” appear on this EP. Upright bass, bells, vocal cuts and horns make the original a fun piece of House Music. I’d have no problem dropping this in a bar or lounge setting, but its definitely got a kick on top of the smooth vibe. The Frankie J mix adds some serious groove with keys that completely shift the mood towards the chill end of the spectrum, while the Chemars mix goes the exact opposite direction, jackin’ up the beat and emphasizing the swing bits of this track with an off-beat piano, and then dropping some great scat jazz vocals that take you back to the ’30s. This is a great “three-mix” package and serves well as the core of the release.

“It’s Not Like That” has a very different vibe. With some deep and groovy bass and sultry vocals, this track maintains a very dynamic sound with a great flow that brings the energy up and then drops it back down – after the second breakdown is the sweet spot. I advise playing when the guy/girl ratio is about even, otherwise it might get weird when it turns the heat up. “Game Show Playa” opens up with some pianos, a jazzy smooth horn sample, and a classic Jerky Boys sample. (I knew I recognized that voice from my dad’s records…) It only gets better from there, as the horns and vocal cuts really take over and drive the rest of this piece. I’m dropping this at least once or twice on my radio show just for the Jerky Boys bit. Long story short: go get this release. All of it.