The coolest thing about social media is being able to connect with people in ways that, 10 years ago you would have never been able to. Case in point: Corduroy Mavericks release their first EP on Drop Music. I was honestly excited for these two dudes from Kentucky, whom I’ve never met or even had a conversation with, when they updated their status letting the world know that the Knights gave them the nod.

“Check Me Out” is a super chunky RnB track that if I had to put money on it, would have been the first one to be signed on this EP. It fits in perfectly with the Drop sound. “Hope” really tugs at the heart strings. It’s reminiscent of a track they released last year called “Biscuit Love”. It’s pure soul with a fat ass bassline and kick drum to back it up. The production is just so damn clean on this one!

It never fails to impress me when producers blend two or even three genres in a track and actually make it cohesive. “Down In The Hole” draws primarily on blues, but also incorporates a dash of hip hop, all the while underlined by a steady sexy deep techy beat. They even through a break beat or two in for good measure.

If you ask me though, the signature sound of Corduroy Mavericks is this kind of bubbly bleepity bloopity percussive element they lay down. It’s pretty unmistakable and they definitely brought it in “Bounce”. I’m personally tickled they slipped in the “I Can’t Stop” sample that was the cornerstone of one of last year’s most poopular dubstep tracks. Before you formulate some semblance of a thought, I maybe attended and/or listened to 5 dubstep sets last year which tells you how overplayed it was. I feel you judging me from behind your laptop, stop that! I digress…

My sincere congratulations to Rick and Mark on this release not only because it’s great, but because I know it has to be a personal milestone for both of you. Keep pushing because if there are still folks out there who aren’t already putting you in league with guys like Inland Knights, Lawnchair Generals and Phil Weeks… well they’re lagging behind.