Cosmic Cycler: Manhattan

A jazzy, downtempo and sample-heavy LP from Cosmic Cycler marks a departure from the usual for Sunset Recordings.

Sunset gets chill on their latest release – a full album released digitally alongside a smoky shell cassette tape via bandcamp. Manhattan is full of textures and atmospheres, with a subtlety that synthwave isn’t exactly well-known for. “Sensitive” is built around a sample that is not terribly obscure but that sonorous drum and the synth whine that caps the lyric make it new. Like Maple Syrup, another Russian-based producer (if his listed location is to believed), Cosmic Cycler plays a lot with jazz samples, lifted out of context & draped all over vocals that tart up clear but sparse percussion. I want to call this “lo-fi” – there’s a roughness to it, as if it’s hewn by instinct and intuition rather than by musical theory – but it’s just too damn smooth and romantic. These are nine short cuts that are thick with atmosphere and lustrous to the soul.


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Cosmic Cycler: Manhattan (Sunset Recordings)
1. Manhattan (02:17)
2. Sensitive (02:07)
3. What Did We Do (02:29)
4. Snowflakes (01:38)
5. Miracle (01:35)
6. Here I Am (02:24)
7. Peachy (02:46)
8. For You (02:32)
9. Passionately (03:13)
10. Stay With Me (cassette bonus)


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