Some of the choice remixes from Crackazat’s LP Rainbow Fantazia released on Local Talk and discussed with 5 Mag’s Dustin Kinney last autumn. There’s not a weak spot on here, thanks to both the quality of the source material and the quality of the remixers.

“Sundial” gets a gorgeously tuned-down gospel funk edit from Groove Assassin – the organ on here is gorgeous, and I think DJs will have a lot of fun playing with the pitch control on this. Wajeed’s remix of “Holding You Close” is a rhythmic treat, with Afro Latin percussion playing up perfectly to a tight vocal sample. The original is thrown in for good measure, and proper appreciation.

Crackazat: Sundial/Holding You Close Remixes (Local Talk)
1. Crackazat: Sundial (Groove Assassin Remix) (07:26)
2. Crackazat: Sundial (05:38)
3. Crackazat: Holding You Close (Waajeed Remix ft Ideeyah) (05:53)
4. Crackazat: Holding You Close (04:24)


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