Craig Alexander – Love & Hate EP

Craig’s newest endeavor on the Oblique label is a three track EP touching a variety styles. The First cut “Keep It Coming” is a slow builder with a flute-like lead sound accompanied by some nice strings. It eventually follows with more nice instrumentation, however fails to to keep my attention by the time all of the elements are present. This might work nice for the dinner crowd but not so much for the dance floor. The second track “Never Stop” is the by far the best track to move the floor. Opening with a delightful drum loop followed shortly after by some smooth keys makes for an admirable intro before the track breaks with some suggestive Spanish female vocals which soon are translated into English before the track drops with more elements to work the crowd into a frenzy. The final track, “Trapped” starts off with a half tempo big band jazz vibe with lots of cymbals, hats and other percussion. Some keys proceed followed by a nice piano riff before a slightly creepy vocal whispering “let me out” repeats a few times before trailing off. Aside from the out of place vocal this track is also nice for the chill out or early lounge crowds.