Back in 1997s, Midwest rave scene veteran Todd Sines released Scalable Architectures under the alias “Cron.” I’d fallen out of love with electronic music at the time but this record really re-ignited the fire inside. Twenty years later, it’s gotten a repress after becoming one of those coveted EPs that soars on discogs as well as in the secret world of records people actually play rather than the ones their charts say they play.

Bogen Konzept is a new label for a German record store, and this EP features a mix of new material and represses from Sines under the same Cron alias. Their debut EP, Fragmented Identity, is a slice-of-Sines, to be as gross as possible in metaphors. “Vapnum” should be in the textbooks next to the entry for “Ambient Techno.” “Interrupt” is a track featuring minimal, tightly wound techno with the faintest trace of breakbeats. “Breathe” on the B-side is the highlight here: a rather innovative blend of all of the above.

Cron: Fragmented Identity (Bogen Konzept Germany)
A1. Cron: “Vapnum” (5:13)
A2. Cron: “Interrupt” (6:05)
B1. Cron: “Berryllium” (5:05)
B2. Cron: “Breathe” (5:10)