Da Sunlounge: Skin Tight EP

Bambino’s headmaster Da Sunlounge kills it with his most recent release Skin Tight. The title track hits the mark with that signature midlands sound a la Toka Project, Inland Knights, Kinky Movement, and The Littlemen. The tune rides a perfect steady groove with a light tech bassline, and some smooth chords. The ultra smooth female vocal is what really does it though with a soft sensual timbre that talks you right onto the dance floor. The Kinky Movement remix of “Skin Tight” takes things up a notch and twists with their darker chord pattern grooves and wide pallet of synths. As always, the Kinky boys’ production quality and track structure is top notch which keep them on regular rotation in my sets. Concluding the EP is another vocal jam from Da Sunlounge featuring the male vocal stylings of Brown. “Get A Beat” has a very similar music groove to “Skin Tight”, but Brown’s vocal has a kind of catchy playground rhyme feel to it that has gotten it totally stuck in my head. This is the kind of tune that will eventually lead to some hop scotch and double dutch mayhem on the dance floor.

Review by Frankie J