The first of a series of three releases celebrating DS’s ten years in the business, Keep On Swindling Pt.1 features two new tracks and remixes of a pair of older tunes. A1 “Body Control” has skippy garage beats and a wandering b-line with rising tension created by nothing more than opening the filter on a pad playing a single chord. A2, UK jazz star Emma-Jean Thackray’s remix, is the pick from a strong EP. She adds a bunch of new lead and backing vocals to what was originally a single vocal sample, creating a genuinely soulful anthem in the process. She also adds new Rhodes and brass parts, resulting in a genuine jazz-house hybrid and before you stop reading, a genuine jazz-house hybrid that absolutely oozes class and groove, that you’d actually like to listen and dance to.

The quality continues with B1 “64 Days,” a 2014 Dam Swindle track featuring vocals from Mayer Hawthorne that has been given a sonic polish rather than a full remix. It’s a nice low-tempo soulful house affair and then B2 “All I Want” finishes things off with a highly accessible and unashamedly euphoric conga-led peak-time houser.

If this was twenty years ago, the fact that his release has four very usable tracks for different points in the evening would make it one of those 12″s from your collection that you kept in your record box for months on end.

Dam Swindle: Keep On Swindling Pt. 1 (Heist / 12″ Vinyl + Digital / June 2022)
1. Dam Swindle: Body Control (05:29)
2. Dam Swindle: The Break Up (Emma-Jean Thackray Remix) (05:25)
3. Dam Swindle: 64 Ways (2022 Mix) (04:42)
4. Dam Swindle: All I Want (06:14)

Lead photo by Lauren Murphy

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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