Another spectacular deep house EP from Damian Rausch, following up on Watch Me Fly from The Gathering and out now on Monologues Records. Roots leads off with the title track — a moody, swaying deep house track with jackin’ hats, dueling vocal clips and a gorgeous, sharp groove. “Watch Me Fly” is actually a remnant from his EP of the same name on The Gathering that we reviewed in 5 Mag 190, present here in a slinky dub mix with vocals by Meron T. “Livin'” is one of those tracks that gives you life: all hectic energies gathered around a slippery but sophisticated bassline that never quits. Damian Rausch is the truth.

Damian Rausch: Roots (Monologues Records / September 2021 / Digital)
1. Damian Rausch: Roots (05:43)
2. Damian Rausch feat. Meron T – Watch Me Fly (Dub Mix) (06:25)
3. Thomas Garcia & Damian Rausch – 9am (Lennart Grove & Doepp Remix) (08:03)
4. Damian Rausch: Livin’ (06:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Monologues.



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