Up-and-coming is bullshit; Damian Rausch is here right now. The German producer has released a handful of records over the last few years and an upward arc culminates on Watch Me Fly, the sensational new EP introduced by Chez Damier and released by Balance sub-label The Gathering. Rausch has a preternatural feel for deep house — tracks like “Watch Me Fly” and “Solar” have a sound and feel that is classic. “Watch Me Fly” pulls celestial sounds down to the sinful earth. This would work as an instrumental, yet is centered around the lush and exuberant vocals of Meron T. As a producer Rausch has an ear for harmonies and making stunningly beautiful music while not losing sight of the fundamental truth that this stuff is supposed to be made for dancing, and if it fails on that account it fails entirely. It does not.

“The Heat” is nearly without peer, except when compared to “Watch Me Fly.” The short, understated melody drills down deep — try as hard as you might you won’t be able to shake this one off. Meron T returns on “Solar,” another full bodied workout. This is powerful shit.

Like nearly everything else other than your dad’s 180 gram Led Zeppelin remaster, the vinyl on this is currently in production hell but some records are worth waiting for. If you play deep house, this is an essential record to have in your crate whenever it hits the factory floor.

Damian Rausch: Watch Me Fly EP (The Gathering / August 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Damian Rausch: Watch Me Fly”
A2. Damian Rausch: “The Heat”
B1. Damian Rausch: “Solar”
B2. Damian Rausch: “Together”

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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