So much good music from old hands and unexpected sources is coming out of Toronto lately. The Selections label is serving up the best from both.

5 Mag has featured Dan Only a few times, mostly in connection with his releases on Dirt Crew, and this release, Love Saturates is more of the same quality, sophisticated and adventurous deep house we’ve come to love. The title track has that warm, hotwired-through-an-MPC-with-a-dirty-microphone vibe that melts dancefloors down to a puddle. The remix by Black Loops scrapes off the fuzz and reveals a sound sleek and shiny, the pingpong electronics of kosmische Musik shaken down to the motherboard of grimy, authentic soul.

The b-side leads off with the strident, seeking voice of “Leading Questions” — a track with an airy, summer vibe, but one that narrates cruising the functional and utilitarian landscapes of the cities of the Midwest. “Not That I Don’t Care” probably has an interesting story behind it, built around a rollicking deep house vibe and a passage that sounds like a highly distorted vocoder or a synth pushed to the point of almost mimicking human speech.

Dan Only: Love Saturates (Black Loops Remix) (Selections / October 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Dan Only: “Love Saturates”
A2. Dan Only: “Love Saturates” (Black Loops 1am mix)
B1. Dan Only: “Leading Questions”
B2. Dan Only: “Not That I Don’t Care”

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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