I’m still counting out the loot from Record Store Day, and among the treasures is this peculiar re-issue of two in-demand Dance Mania tracks, plus a “lost” Parris Mitchell track that time forgot, re-issued not by Dance Mania itself but by Strut.

The A side tracks – Drewsky’s “Wigged Out” and “Spirit” by Club Style (aka Paul Johnson and Robert Armani) are from what some people call the “Dance Mania 100” – records that collectors have single-handedly pushed up above $100 at some point in the last decade.

They’re also a beartrap for hipsters. Either the order of the two tracks on Side A was flipped in some production snafu, or the printing on the label is in error, because what’s called Drewsky’s “Wigged Out” is actually “Spirit”, and vice versa. It’s been a laugh to note how many latter day “Dance Mania die hards” can’t identify by sound two of the more credibly famous tracks from the label, made by totally different people and which frankly sound completely dissimilar. I hope someone’s scoring this at home.

On the flip is an unreleased track by Parris Mitchell, which was allegedly bumped from Dance Mania’s release schedule during its hectic heyday. It’s a soulful sounding gem – given the context of the early 1990s, you’d have to slot this the “quiet storm” segment of Friday night party radio.


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