Not your average Defected release, The Dangerfeel Newbies and Kai Alce bring a heaping spoonful of soul to the digital world with what was previously only available on vinyl.

The Dangerfeel Newbies are a trio out of Atlanta composed of DJs Jamal Ahmad and Mark Angel along with keyboardist Darren “DJ” Wagner. Dangerfield Newby was a historical figure, a slave who fought alongside white men and died trying to free his wife and children. This is the story that inspired the group’s name. Originally released on the album Hariet in 2014 the songs were given the Kai Alce treatment and released on his NDATL imprint late last year.

“Swinging With The New Jacks” is an easy-like-Sunday-morning groover with a gorgeous accompaniment of saxophone and vibraphone. Kai really doesn’t have to do much to what was already there, just kick up the tempo and add that earthy beat structure he’s so good at. J’Piccola’s vocals on “What Am I Here For” are out of this world, reminiscent of Bebe Winan’s combined with the sexiness of Barry White. KZR’s Stripped down mix bassline and keys give it that extra juice that’ll catch your ear straight away. The original NDATL vocal keeps the funkiness of the original very nicely, along with beautiful keys and string sections.

So if you’re a vinyl junkie and you already know about this one, well, now you can keep this treasure at home safe and protected while saving 30 minutes recording it onto your computer. For the rest of you, don’t sleep!


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