The duo of Dans return to Milk N 2 Sugars to bring you a three tracker of hypnotizing big room joints. Slightly atmospheric with its delayed effects, “The Jungle” leads the EP off with a plump, synthy bassline, overall a bit on what some call the tech-house tip. To me it’s a bit more progressive. Either way, I’m sure this track is a winner in Ibiza.

The second tune, “The Deep” begins with a simple chord pattern and a sampled drum loop, adding additional drum elements for a slow build followed by some filtered sweeps and pads. Again more on the progressive-tech tip, “The Deep” is exactly that, a deeper track in the same temperament as “The Jungle”, giving it the versatility to work in a smaller room as well.

Finally, “She” rounds off the EP, also on a deeper vibe with some soft strings that move subtly throughout the track. “She” is very moody overall and makes a nice selection for opening or ending sets.