I couldn’t believe that Kathy Brown was covering a bubblegum ballad from Debbie (“Pat’s Daughter”) Boone… and thankfully, she isn’t. This track features soaring vocals with a touch of disco (can anything Kathy Brown sings not be?) that’s sure to please any crowd. I don’t know much about Danism personally, but that name has appeared on the best tunes released on London-based Milk’N’2 Sugars (MN2S) over the last few years, including “Feeling You” (featuring Kenny Bobien) and “Mesmerise” (featuring Xavier).

The Electronic Soul Mix has a Barbara Tucker vibe to it – I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t help thinking of vintage Barbara with Masters at Work, at least as far as the powerhouse chorus is concerned. The keys sound pretty vintage too – the melody isn’t too complex but it works perfectly. Audiowhores also contribute a couple of mixes to the project. The Vocal Mix blends in a few elements of modern day tech house – it’s much more clubby (maybe in the derogatory sense of the word) than the original, but could definitely turn some heads as an out-of-left-field peak hour track. The Tribal Dub on the other hand is stripped to the bone. Isn’t it almost perverse to take a vocalist like Kathy Brown and give her a spoken word script to read? As far as spoken word tracks go, it’s pretty good but can’t hold a candle to the original mix.

While “Light Up My Life” is not quite an “instant classic” yet (that designation is settled on the dancefloor), it’s got all of the hallmarks of being well on its way.