I slept on one of the biggest records from one of the biggest labels from one of the biggest remixers of one of the biggest house music tracks ever made. This curious 7″ from Nervous features Danny Krivit showing off his considerable skills with Kerri Chandler‘s 1998 epic “Rain.” Side A has a galloping, almost dubby sound that seems calculated to hypnotize DJs into sliding their hand across the pitch control. Kerri makes records for DJing, Danny edits records for DJs and this is like the best gift you could give to one. What’s wild is the selection on the b-side: Atjazz‘s remix of “Rain” is only about six years old, and broke down the original to elementary particles in a frenzy of brass cymbals and jazz drumming. Danny injects a bit of Latin swing into it, making this edit of a reconstruction of a classic a classic itself.

Danny Krivit edits are buy-on-sight for a reason. It feels like the rest of us are just amateurs, tinkering with basslines and chords and hi-hats, while Danny’s working with a science that somehow eludes us, and working with the precision of a surgeon.

Kerri Chandler: Rain (Danny Krivit Edits) / Nervous
A: Kerri Chandler: “Rain” (Danny Krivit 7″ edit) (5:19)
B: Kerri Chandler: “Rain” (Atjazz remix – Danny Krivit 7″ edit) (5:32)



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