Quantum Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats from Darkskills

Deep House don Rick Wade flashes his dark skills with "60 minutes of deep lo-fi beat super science."

Rick Wade is a recognized master of deep house, a somewhat underrated figure in Detroit’s ghetto tech history but I have to say it’s with hip hop that he really shines. Quantum Lo-Fi is his second album like this that I own (the first being Golden Harvest) featuring chilled out beats and vibes manufactured from quick cuts and flashes, and both have earned a prized location in my record collection.

Quantum Lo-Fi features retro-futuristic cosmic anime artwork and the tagline of “60 minutes of deep lo-fi beat super science” is a better summary of the contents than I could manage. The tracks are short, as you’d expect, laid back and rich in texture, from the fuzz of a needle over a dulled wax groove to a thick atmosphere of layered pianos, harps and horns compressed into a full orchestra in an earbud. “The Hurting” on Side A is magical in effect, but I think you need to inhale several songs to get high off this stuff and get the full effect. This will be released on cassette tape via Juno, from Disk Union in Japan and as far as they reach.

Darkskills: Quantum Lo-Fi (Steamed Fresh Beats)


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