“Trust Me” was the standout track on David Marston’s 2014 release Jamaicalia for Soul Clap. Writhing beneath and then thriving after throwing off some kind of existential weight, vocalist Brigitte Zozula brought a tremendous amount of emotion to the song, with the kind of sentiments that you don’t often hear in typically cheerful and euphoric vocal House tracks.

Zozula doubles down on Marston’s next release, Kindness of Bearer, with the standout track “Giving Up On You” (can you feel the love?) Zozula coos and purrs over a solid jazzy instrumentation, dueling (and winning) with languorous brass. It might be better for a listening audience – it feels selfish to present this strictly for a market of DJs – but it’s truly an outstanding song. Zozula returns on “Sometimes It’s Hard,” which exists in the theoretical reality where Giorgio Moroder produced a love theme for a movie directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. I don’t want to overshadow the other two tracks on here – “Sun,” with it’s poppy sensibilities, is also quite splendid – but, well, that’s what I’ve just done.

Out: Vinyl from Juno.


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