Here’s an EP of hard and driving techno, stretched out to album-length thanks to a coterie of stellar remixers throwing thunderbolts. “Caligula” is a booty stomper and a booty wrecker if you try to keep up: throbbing bass and a steel metronome of percussion make for a track that feels like it’s trying to shake loose from this mortal coil and break free. “Delta” is the most sublime and sophisticated track on here, and it’s this one that gets taken to see the specialists. Chicago House legend Robert Armani turns everything into the red: on full exhibition is his inexplicable talent for making things LOUD, completely independent of your volume control. DJ Amar delivers a buzzy, hectic edit and Unphixt hands in two remixes fittingly dubbed the “Alpha” and “Omega.” The latter is superb: a 10 minute opus of glitches, hitches and textures that hint at a genius for sound design.

David Moran: Mythology (David Moran Worx)
1. David Moran: Caligula (Original Mix) (5:34)
2. David Moran: Narces (Original Mix) (5:42)
3. David Moran: Delta (Original Mix) (5:51)
4. David Moran: Carthage (Original Mix) (5:31)
5. David Moran: Delta (Unphixt Alpha Mix) (6:57)
6. David Moran: Delta (Robert Armani Remix) (5:47)
7. David Moran: Delta (DJ Amar Chicago Rework) (6:12)
8. David Moran: Delta (Unphixt Omega Mix)


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