David Moran skips from Techno to Ambient to Drum’N’Bass and even Trance on Pagans In Paradise. Moran commits wholeheartedly to emulating each of these sounds, which is good if you like them, not so good if you don’t. The techno and ambient releases are best, though you could accuse me of favoritism and you’d be correct. “Let The Rhythm” is a bit of a rave anthem in the making; “Archaic Balance” has the kind of dark, growling bite that I love – immobile, inert, supercharged in intensity and growing imperceptibly more dangerous the longer you play them. “Hessdalen Lights” is a beatless ambient track, animated by a glassy stylized reconstruction of an EKG blip or perhaps the terrorizing hack cough of a Geiger counter.

David Moran: Pagans In Paradise / David Moran Worx
1. David Moran: Pagans In Paradise (16:00)
2. David Moran: Let The Rhythm (5:45)
3. David Moran: Hessdalen Lights (2:52)
4. David Moran: Archaic Balance (20:39)
5. David Moran: Digital Incarnation (5:15)
6. David Moran: Regress Forward (7:34)
7. David Moran: Citadel Of Kaos (6:57)
8. David Moran: Passage (8:03)



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