… And all I got was a few good records. Italian producer Deep88 has two records out this month that together would have made up one of the best Deep House albums of 2015.

From Italy, Deep House producer Deep88 who normally steers the mysterious 12 Records has expanded the empire over to Juice Records, mastered and manufactured in New York. He’s put out records with Robert Owens but far more with talented artists with a lower profile, often with a sense of humor that doesn’t quite conceal a clear affinity for classic ’90s Deep House. There’s a quality to his three albums and three teams as many EPs that improves over time.

Out last week are two records, one new and one a repress, though they could have been released together as his fourth album and nobody would have complained. The Girl Who Hates 909 Kick (sic) is the repress. Originally released in November of last year, the mystery lady has inspired a solid record of four deep tracks with the characteristic eccentricities of Deep88. “The Warning” and “We Need Raw” were my favorites until I heard “Schlagsahne,” a delicate, meleodic and exceptional track which according to Wiktionary’s definition for the meaning of “schlagsahne” makes this lovely tune the “Lick My Love Pump” of Deep88’s career.

New in stores is Don’t Believe The House Hype. “Wow & Flute” is evocative of “The Whistle Song,” with the sizzle and hiss of hi hats establishing a danceable backstop for an extravagant turn on the keys. The title track resides in the zip code where Chip E slams down boilermakers with Cajmere – a thunderous jack track, breathless and exhilarating. “Summer” is an example of one of Deep88’s eccentricites. It’s more or less a reboot rather than a remix of his ballad “Summer Can’t Wave Goodbye,” tuned down and turned out, though you wouldn’t know any of that without a knowledge of his catalog. “2000 Balloons” is a strange track to contrast it with, heavy as lead and only gradually lightened by some sweeping chords.