Deepbleu ft. Anika: “Monday to Sunday”

This track generated some heat at WMC, and Feelin Music appears to be putting a full-court press on to get this track on the world’s dancefloors before summer is out. With a long time between the promo release and the official street date (sometime in August!), choice DJs are getting their hands on this tune and turning it loose. The verdict? This is about the smoothest Deep House track I’ve heard all year. Anika, whose mixed Bulgarian/African heritage brings almost as much attention as her sultry voice, isn’t your usual screaming diva, or at least isn’t on this track. Instead, you get a restrained but flowing vocal, somewhere on the deeper end for female vocals but oh-so-lucious in the mix. What makes the track is the harmonious horn solo. For Deep House, you can’t do any better than this.