I’d normally hop on the Soulful House bandwagon before something a tad harder, but this hip-hop-y House banger just totally deserves mad props – especially because it mixes that sound with a dash of deep techy-mess. The Dirty Vox Mix is driving, but then the Dirty Dub is even more, teasing with pieces of the vocals here and there! In both versions, a spacey, wobbly effect layers over what can only be described as some notable snare-like beats, but taken out on a wood block rather than the drum. My first choice would be the Dirty Vox only because the vocals are so sweet and funky (“tech. no. baby, we don’t quit” and “when I say drop, she says ‘how low?'”). But, the Dub is definitely a good choice if your crowd needs some mental space to just focus on the thump. Whichever you choose, you will definitely bump it with what Demarkus Lewis, along with Texas’ J.A.M.O.N., declares is a “twist of the dirty dirty.”

Review by Lydia Wrobel