Descendants of the Deep Release From Chicago to Detroit v3

Jordan Fields brings together a comp featuring leading lights in my crate, including Deep88, Jaime Reed, Ed-Nine and Giles Dickerson.

Looks like Jordan Fields brought out all my friends at once. Five spectacular contributions from five DJ/producers that I had no idea even knew each other make for another wonderful installment in this series.

Past editions of From Chicago To Detroit have brought together established Deep House legends with their, well, descendants: from Vincent Floyd, Larry Heard, Norm Talley and Gari Romalis to Africans With Mainframes and Giles Dickerson. A transatlantic theme dominates here with the addition of one Jaime Read, whose story of suffering at the hands of shitty Chicago labels (well told by now) hasn’t overshadowed the brilliance of his own tracks. “The Rise” brings to mind some of the dreamy atmospherics from Ron Trent with a keyboard solo that will make you weep. Giles Dickerson’s “Your Love” brings the slow rolling thunder with influences from Larry Heard. Chicago’s Ed-Nine’s jacking “Free” is literally standing in the balance between Chicago and Detroit. I’ve written about 10,000 reviews of Deep88‘s records, you’re not going to be surprised when I tell you that he gets better and better. Jordan Fields seems to have had a hand in most of the tracks here aside from putting the whole package together, editing “Test 1” and “The Rise” along with contributing to the clubbiest track of the lot, a reissue of the 2014 release “I Feel Loved” on his Headphoniq.

Out of the five tracks here, each one is easily good enough to build a single and remixes around. Run up and down, back and forth, they’re all beautiful and the epitome of what Deep House, in all of its interpretations, should be.


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