Detroit Swindle soar to new heights on “Can’t Hold It,” the title track of their new EP on home label Heist Recordings. That might sound like a cliché, an empty phrase or faint praise. It’s not: “Can’t Hold It” is the best track they’ve made, and they’re not exactly an unknown or up & coming production outfit but tried and tested. It’s built around a pulse, a driving, striving and striding rhythm that races out in front like a shadow you can never catch up with. Those jazzy touches bring to mind more Chicago than Detroit or Amsterdam but which is indigenous to all three cities, with echoes of the disco gallop of Rick Wilhite or the fragmented jazz sample cut up and rinsed by Sadar Bahar.

With “Just Not Norma” side A packs a devastating combination – more funky jazz in store, soul with strings, with an absolutely killer groove and keys from the never wavering genius of Mark de Clive-Lowe. Detroit Swindle once made tracks and they still might call them tracks but this is great music whatever its utilitarian, dancefloor purpose

Detroit Swindle: Can’t Hold It (Heist)
1. Detroit Swindle: Can’t hold it (6:26)
2. Detroit Swindle: Just not Norma feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe (6:19)
3. Detroit Swindle: Tamarindus hollandicus (7:34)
4. Detroit Swindle: Tamarindus hollandicus (Willie Burns remix) (5:19)



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