Detroit’s Filthiest became a made man on vinyl but some of his best cuts in the last 5 years have been digital-only releases. Casa Voyager has been putting their shoulder down and getting some of his best beats on wax, including the Premium Content and Prime Cuts EPs.

Undaunted by your petty pandemic and economic meltdown, Casa Voyager actually released a double EP of his material in mid-September and it’s live as fuck. Original Not Crispy is the title of the 2×12″ soaring through 8 tracks of electro claps and vibrant throwbacks to the original Detroit ghetto tech sound. It starts with straight mortar fire on “Hands Behind Your Back” (call a hack a hack if someone says it’s “timely” — getting the fat end of a nightstick in your mouth has never gone out of style), veering into glitched drum & bass on “Undefeated” and Metalheadz-style stoned d’n’b on “Blaxploitation” and “Late Night Soirée.” “Legend In The Hood” isn’t about Detroit’s Filthiest but it could be. This is a milestone record in a still-underrated career.

Detroit’s Filthiest: Original Not Crispy (Casa Voyager / September 2020 / 2×12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Hands Behind Your Back (03:58)
A2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Undefeated (04:25)
B1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Hot Cheetos (04:49)
B2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Blaxploitation (03:37)
C1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Dis n Dat (04:07)
C2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Let Em Burn (03:26)
D1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Legend In The Hood (03:27)
D2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Late Night Soirée (04:36)



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