Dimitri Max: Neighbors Hate We EP

This has to be one of my favorite releases from the digital side of the Guesthouse Music catalog this year. Dimitri Max kills it, giving us a timepiece release that is a throwback to the days of filter Disco House, but with updated solid production quality and new studio tricks. This album both throws me back but makes me jack all at the same time.

The first cut “Don’t Want You” is a perfect example of the a steady vocal disco jam that if this was made back in the late ’90s would have been a rip-your-clothes-off-on-the-dance-floor-and-have-a-baby hit. Filters, beats, and disco breaks are put together perfectly with a nice updated style – great dance floor material. The next track “Can’t Stop” is the jam. The cut is a real nice’n’deep groove working on some disco chords and strings that were made for that low pass filter. This tune is a great cross sub-genre jam that the deep heads would cane as well as the jackin folk. To finalize this time-stamped EP, “Jackpot” comes right back at you with the signature piano and string disco licks but incorporates a nice synth bassline to throw you for a loop. My recommendation is to grab “Can’t Stop” and rub it all over yourself like sunscreen. The jack will be so hot you may still get a burn.

Review by Frankie J