dimitri from paris

Urban’s Take: More mixes here than you need but that’s how to make sure everyone plays your record. Remixes are featured by Claude Monnet, DJ Meme, Those Usual Suspects & Lifelike as well as 2 from Dimitri himself. The original version is rock meets electro, definitely a newer hybrid of styles. The majority of the mixes lean towards the electro/big room spectrum. However the DJ Meme mix is a must: drops all the guitars and synths and heads straight for the proper House vibe. Job well done!

Sabat’s Take: I love Dimitri, I really do. But this track just doesn’t cut it for me. It is what it says, ’80s style electro….and very corny too. Not even DJ Meme can save it. His instrumental is the only thing I appreciate here. Don’t get me wrong – there is a market for this song but it’s not in the Deep House scene.