From 5 Magazine's Archive.

You don’t have to ask yourself if Dimitri From Paris loves what he does. His name is on so many productions, comps, remixes and other projects these days that you can tell this guy lives and breathes the 4/4 like it’s oxygen. For this new compilation Nightdubbin’, Dimitri acts as godfather for a 3 CD collection of dubbed-out retro cuts from the 1980s. Since I was collecting baseball cards and trying desperately to get my first kiss when most of these underground classics came out, I’m probably a tougher sell than this project’s target market, but it stands up well to repeated listens. By the fourth or fifth spin, I loved it. The first CD is mixed by Europe’s Nu-Disco kings The Idjut Boys and features such underground classics as “D Train (FranÁois K Dub)”, “Dance Lover (Nick Martinelli & David Todd Dub)” and Rah Band’s “Clouds Across the Moon (Super Nova Mix)”. Not surprisingly, FranÁois is represented here to the point of tribute – ten dubs across the 3 CDs – but Shep Bettibone, Larry Levan and the highly underrated tandem of Martinelli and Todd are fairly represented as well. CDs 2 and 3 are unmixed selections handpicked by Dimitri, and the there’s also extensive liner notes including a lengthy Q&A with Francois K, John Morales and Paul Simpson.