Back of the crate selection here: Di Er was released a couple of months ago and is already out of stock in a few online joints, so you’ll have to dig a bit (as of press time, Juno still has it).

The journey is the reward: Di Er’s deep, moody joints are achingly beautiful. “Yohji” in particular has a kind of untainted elegance: a track that could loop on forever on an infinite spool without any complaints. There’s a kind of musical honesty here which is deeply attractive and steps into a timelessness that most good records like this should aspire to reach. “Yohji” and “Qatarsea” from the backside are the tracks to get hype about here.

Di Er was the seventh release from Inner Balance, and Dixia Sirong’s second appearance the label. #8 was Ed Nine’s The Journey EP and the forthcoming Blind Wall from Meemo is a strong indicator that Inner Balance is growing beyond its “daughter label” status to Chez Damier‘s Balance.

Dixia Sirong: Di Er EP (Inner Balance)
A1. Dixia Sirong: “Yohji” (6:48)
A2. Dixia Sirong: “Yohji” (DJ Honesty remix) (7:03)
B1. Dixia Sirong: “Qatarsea” (7:26)
B2. Dixia Sirong: “Suspicions” (7:03)


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