Aakmael places sounds like he’s creating a mosaic: small stones that individually seem unremarkable but in proximity paint a magnificent mural. And like them they’ll stand the test of time. On the title track for Flyte Time, Aakmael grabs a loop, layers it over another and comes up with a jazz track that has a power that only becomes apparent from a finely crafted piece of music. There’s nothing excessive here, nothing left to trim away. “Just A Track 6” has a bit more flash and sizzle but the principle is the same: these tracks work so well with such a minimal palette. Remixes are a stomping rework of the title track by Desos and a low-key jack attack from Luvenote of “Just A Track 6.” Vinyl only and deserving of being memorialized.

DJ Aakmael: Flyte Time EP / Deso Records
A1. DJ Aakmael: “Flyte Tyme”
A2. DJ Aakmael: “Flyte Tyme” (Desos remix)
B1. DJ Aakmael: “Just A Track 6”
B2. DJ Aakmael: “Just A Track 6” (Luvnote remix)



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