Records like this don’t materialize out of the ether and show up on your dash. They’re lived, lived hard, and it’s during a brief respite that the man or woman that’s lived it managed to get down on record a sign that he or she has been here and survived.

Records like this also don’t show up in your inbox. Or not mine, anyway. If you want records like this then you’ve got to dig through a ton of filth and grime to find them, and this seven track record from Teklife’s DJ Earl is an absolute treasure.


Live Love Teklife presents an irresistible variety of textures, tempos and tones – this isn’t “just” for the footworkers and bass heads but a full-on listening experience. Jazzy, atmospheric, lit up but half in shadow, Live, Love, Teklife takes you on the proverbial journey, and like the best electronic records makes the listener feel like both an observer of and a participant in the adventure.

“Funk from 2905” is an amazing musical odyssey, from that fat reverberating bass driving into the earth at the center to the swirl of electronic particles around it. “Open The Door” takes the title from the Betty Carter song of the same name and rolls down a slide of fast but gentle beats under gorgeous extravagant melodies. “2000 and Lit (Part 1)” just grabs a manic horn flare and runs it into the ground, with a jazzy bass and the light taps of percussion melting down into some Atari-born alien noise. Really.

If you didn’t dig it before you better dig it now because Teklife in general is making some of the most creative, innovative electronic music being played today, and DJ Earl is right there at the forefront of it.


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