ItaloJohnson Remixes DJ Haus on Modul8

Fiery ItaloJohnson remix of Modul8, the title track for DJ Haus' latest EP on his mothership Unknown To The Unknown label.

“Modul8” gets turned inside out with a sickening ItaloJohnson remix. It’s the title track for DJ Haus’ latest EP on his Unknown To The Unknown, the mothership also holding Dance Trax, Hot Haus and Soft Computing Records in its hanger bay.

ItaloJohnson’s remix feels like its made out of Sega sound effects chewed up by a crud-encrusted MPC and hammered into a soaring groove. All pads are smashed together on the flip’s “Jak Beat” – an anthemic 808 DJ tool – and the silicone cybernetic boogie of “Tek Houz,” which gives us a tantalizing of what those two words put together by groove machines might actually sound like.

DJ Haus: Modul8 (ItaloJohnson Remix) / Unknown To The Unknown (December 20 2019 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. DJ Haus: Modul8 (05:13)
2. DJ Haus: Modul8 (ItaloJohnson Remix) (06:12)
3. DJ Haus: Jak Beat (04:49)
4. DJ Haus: Jack Beat (Nikk Remix) (05:13)
5. DJ Haus: Tek Houz (05:22)



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