There are a lot of reasons to love Josh Milan’s Honeycomb Music but the fact that they deliver an overall package that’s attractive to consumers and something that their growing stable of artists can be proud of is another weight tipped in their favor. It’s always baffling why someone would sweat and strain over writing, producing and performing a great song and then wrap it in a dirty sheet of newsprint like a dead cod, but just this approach plagues Soulful House more than any other of the major electronic genres. A huge percentage of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information, and when your album cover induces vertigo and nausea through rainbow gradients and purple drop shadows… it’s a problem.

But it’s not a problem here, as DJ Kemit gets an overall packaging that does credit to the man, the label and the music. Together is a fantastic EP – a spoil of treasures featuring four original collaborations with Tasha Larae, Terrance Downs and Josh Milan.

“Buckle Up” and the title track feature Tasha Larea giving a tough but smooth vocal performance – “Together” is probably one of the most florid, accomplished vocal performances on a House track I’ve heard all year long. “Like This” featuring Terrance Downs is stripped down instrumentally and rubbed back up with inspirational glory. “Confession” features a superb performance from Josh Milan with lyrics that present a picture more complicated, ambivalent and human than you’re likely to hear in an average track of dancefloor fodder.

I feel like 90% of what I’ve said here you already knew – Honeycomb and Milan brought it hard in 2016 and they’re ending the year on a crescendo with these brilliant tracks.


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