DJ Man-X: “Miami Soul”

Considering I’ve seen that city’s name in two tracks that have come across my desk in the last few days, it must be time for the Winter Music Conference again. “Miami Soul” is actually a neat little track – laid back, maybe more on the AM Radio side of House than I like to go (I’ve never been the biggest fan of extended flute solos). But there’s no denying the musicality and cats that groove on Louie Vega’s live instrument orchestrations will probably find a lot to like here. The “Sunset Nights Dub Mix” drops the flute, with the organs given a place in the sun and adding a little funk to the still very chill atmosphere. It doesn’t get much deeper than this, so if you’re partial to instrumental jams that maintain that laid-back vibe throughout, this is a good one. And unlike most of the “Miami” songs that we’re sure to see, there’s no fake Latin soul attached to this one. When they say soul, they do mean soul.