DJ MFR: Rome Departure (The Remixes)

It needs to be said: Hearing Jay-J’s mix of Marco from Rome’s “Take Me Away” makes me jizz in my pants a little bit. D’layna’s deliciously magical vocals – which also stand out in MFR’s original “Take Me Away,” the more electro-y 2005 version – really will get you to “release the pressure.” The smooth vibe of the absolutely fab chord progressions will also draw you in.

The other standouts among these 10 remixes include the Haldo Deep Mix of “Just Because” (again with D’layna and a nice, long chunk of synthesized keys) as well as the mad-deep “Come To Me” (Charles Webster Mix) with Winstrong putting it out there from the beginning: “you know I want ya babe, you know you need me babe.” If you’re more in the mood for even boomier bass with some spice, check out Erika’s throaty Spanish plus a healthy dash of lively piano in two different layers (and some strings) on MFR’s “Latin Seduction” (More Seduction Mix). Overall, this is one sweet collection of 10 remixes, also including lovely contributions from Vincent Kwok. Consider checking out the originals if you end up digging these tunes from MFR’s gaggle of remixers and insanely luscious vocalists.

Review by Lydia Wrobel