Review: DJ Pierre’s “MuSiQ”

Not to be overlooked: MuSiQ is the lead single from DJ Pierre's new album Wild Pitch!

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear DJ Pierre‘s new album Wild Pitch, which dropped last month from Get Physical, but I’m pretty sure that it will be more than acid. Pierre has spent years plumbing the very limits of what you might want to call “dance music” and even aside from Wild Pitch itself he’s never really gotten the credit for the breadth of his catalog.

“MuSiQ” has a classic House sound drunk on the vintage aroma of the records that Pierre himself made and signed up for Strictly Rhythm back in the 1990s. Following the “multi-layered” blueprint of the WildPitch style, the track builds step by step, subtly, without wasting a lot of time on it. By 2:30 it hits you like buckshot: that lovely vocal clip is now winding around half a dozen layers of percussion and effects and pads more electro than Tron. The Rumore Acqua Mix is deep and druggy; Benjamin Froehlich builds it up into something of a tribal techno stomp.

DJ Pierre: MuSiQ (Get Physical Music)
1. DJ Pierre: MuSiQ (Original Mix)
2. DJ Pierre: MuSiQ (Rumore Acqua Mix)
3. DJ Pierre: MuSiQ (Benjamin Frohlich Remix)


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