If we’re gonna keep going apeshit for the ’90s Deep House and Garage sound, can we bring back real fucking techno too, please? I think I’ve had about all I can take of minimal loops or Teutons beating on the side of a gas can with a bungee cord, thanks. It’s probably really interesting under the influence of certain anti-social substances, and if you can kinda dance in a k-hole, I guess you should kinda do it. Just do it at home.

The remedy: Midwest mainstay DJ Shiva smashes this 3 track EP with an energy and vitality that’s become way too fucking rare. “Pride Before” actually does keep me waiting for the fall that never arrives – this is building and building and building with spring-loaded glitches bursting up out of thunderous percussion. “Hackjammer” picks up where that left off – a bit more shuffle and even a bit of swing.