A record that starts with the dynamite needs to end with an atomic bomb. DJ Skull understands this: still firing all synapses, his follow up record on Sect after The Dark Knight EP is just a wonderful bounty of effects and sounds from Chicago’s reigning lord of the studio.

The elegant “Bazzar” is a textbook for a young producer: what begins as a seance of synths and handclaps evolves, note by note, into a techno symphony. It’s not essential that one be able to sit crosslegged on the floor and analyze dance music, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to do so. “Bazzar” is a hell of a journey whether it’s in a club or headphones.

The title track mixes in what sounds like a ponderous kalimba over a sequencer that sounds like it’s having a nervous breakdown. “Power” is just ominous – a frightening pursuit track, look over your shoulder creepiness. “Rise” washes over you like a thundershower – all lights and uplifting chords that propel you ever higher and never relents.