It needs to be noted for the record that the Heaven EP is officially listed in the catalog of Hot Haus records as “HOTSHIT037.” I think you’ll agree it’s an apt and able description, because this is a very steamy set of tracks is from the man who never lets you down. DJ Steaw is a French producer and DJ that introduced me to quite a few of the most interesting people working in the country today by virtue of his top notch A&R and his habit of sharing the label sticker with some ace remixers and producers.

“Heaven” is what it sounds like: the title track is a dreamy, celestial and head-in-the-clouds house music with a bass that won’t sit still. “Picpus” is delirium on wax: effervescent, lively and driving, similar to some of Victor Simonelli‘s classic ’90s tracks.

DJ Steaw: Heaven EP (Hot Haus)
1. DJ Steaw: Heaven 05:54
2. DJ Steaw: I See You
3. DJ Steaw: Picpus


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