Donnell Pitman and Wings of Sunshine: Do You Wanna/Need My Love

Tired of reading about Star Creature? We're not tired of writing about them. Records like this are why we're just getting started.

If you’re getting bored of seeing this record label mentioned here, I assume you’re not listening because Star Creature is putting out some of the funkiest shit on the planet right now and it’s getting better and better all the time. Right now would be a good time to get on the bandwagon, because this single is going to be a monster.

Star Creature apparently worked with Donnell Pitman (maker of several vinyl collector’s holy grails) and linked up the early ’80s funk purveyor with Kumar McMillian of Chicago’s Wings of Sunshine band. “Do You Wanna” is almost gooey with slow-churned funk and slow-burning passion. Donnell’s voice is still a honeycomb of soul, with a gorgeous bite delivered to cap some lyrics which was wisely preserved by whomever was at the console. “Need My Love” features Donnell fronting some silky-tongued backup vocalists and spidery synths. “If you need it, girl, I got it, got it,” he sings, and he still does.

Donnell Pitman and Wings of Sunshine: Do You Wanna/Need My Love (Star Creature Universal Vibration)
1. Do You Wanna (04:23)
2. Need My Love (04:32)


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