This is some trip. Drakkar Noir and Heidi Sabertooth split halves of a cassette tape on The Sleep of Reason, inspired by Goya’s terrifying vision of human society tormented by the outcome of ignorance. Drakkar Noir starts this with an atomic blast: “Free Delight,” a track of nocturnal electro punched up with a shimmering acid squelch. Heidi Sabertooth (whose “With The Void” on Ellen Allien’s UFO, Inc we reviewed here a year ago) is on the flipside with four hazy, ominous, murky tracks held together by a patchwork of 20th century technology and machines with a programmed swing. “This Time I’ll Quit You For Good” really gets into you, under your skin and into your bloodstream. Though they flow like a live set all of these tracks are ready for DJ sets come summer.

Drakkar Noir & Heidi Sabertooth: The Sleep of Reason (Jacktone Records / May 2021 / Cassette Tape / Digital)
A1. Drakkar Noir – Free Delight (05:34)
A2. Drakkar Noir – Shadow Reel (05:32)
A3. Drakkar Noir – Foot a Night Vine (06:56)
A4. Drakkar Noir – Strobah (06:31)
B1. Heidi Sabertooth – This Time I’ll Quit You for Good (06:36)
B2. Heidi Sabertooth – It Says You Read It (06:36)
B3. Heidi Sabertooth – Smoking in the Studio (06:16)
B4. Heidi Sabertooth – I’m Gaining Weight Again (03:23)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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