Drew Sky Lester Fitzpatrick UKR

There are some remarkable treasures in the dizzyingly prolific UKR catalog. Most of them come from the creative renaissance of one Lester Fitzpatrick, a Chicago jock whose own release schedule makes it virtually impossible for anyone other than the hivemind of Beatport’s server software to keep up. This particular mechanical brain tabulates 77 original tracks and remixes (but mostly original tracks) this year, it will probably be over 80 by the time you read this and may well surpass a solid 100 by the end of 2017.

The majority of Lester’s releases have been on UKR, which has fostered something of a throwback relationship between label and artist that you don’t see too often in these parts and in these days. And quite a few of them have been collaborations with Drew Sky, who is also Lester’s partner in mayhem on the latest album, Skydive, released in late September on UKR.

All three parties have a reputation for making tracks that bang, and you’re not going to be disappointed with most of the selections on Skydive if that’s what you’re after. “DAT” is a hunk of rough, aggressive jack. “Reloaded” beats the fuck out of the box for 8 minutes that sound like 20. “Acid Freak” and “Acid Pussy” will melt bodies into blurs with their stripped down metal fuzz, and “Hoe” is instantly familiar to anyone that knows Drew Sky’s Dance Mania ghetto tracks. Yet there are also tracks here that purr – the funky jazz of “Andrews In Da House” and “Before” which evokes the sound of Strictly Jaz Unit better than anyone other than SJU. “Les Is Chilling On Pluto” also carries a relaxed, atmospheric vibe.

If you play underground music, you know who these guys are and you know what they do. This is 74 minutes more.

Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Skydive LP (UKR)
1. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: DAT (6:30)
2. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Acid Pussy (6:45)
3. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Hoe (7:07)
4. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Acid Freak (5:13)
5. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Skydive (9:46)
6. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Before (9:52)
7. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Les Is Chilling On Pluto (9:31)
8. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Reloaded (7:56)
9. Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick: Andrews In Da House (11:00)