Good things continue to flow from down south. We’re just about a year removed from the debut of Sole Aspect, a Miami-based deep house vinyl label. At launch, the founder Amaré called his shot and told us the label had three records in the pipe: Assemblage, from Spanish deep explorer Dubbyman, an EP from Trinidadian Deep and a project from Dubbyman & Dan Piu. This is the last from the list.

“Age of Rage” is the moniker for the partnership between Dubbyman and Piu on Credo Tracks Vol 1, a rich and profoundly expansive deep house EP out now on black wax. Dubbyman and Piu channel an almost mystical vibration here, a lustrous and spatial sound so exceptionally well-produced it feels like you can up & walk around inside of it. The A side is devoted to two mixes of “Open To Close” — a sprawling 9 minute fantasia and a shorter, more compact dub mix that veers into the universe of pure soul. No slouch on the B side either: “Fake Action” (which actually made me think of Trindadian Deep’s use of unconventional synth sounds for traditional deep house tracks) stokes uptempo jazz ambiance, while “Lover” uses a familiar voice as a sample that I’m going to err on side of caution and be a bit cryptic about. It’s definitely recognizable just by the unique sound of the voice, but put to use in a highly unconventional context.

After three records a label should be hitting its stride: Sole Aspect was strutting from day one. They’re not slowing down.

⚪️ Credo Tracks Vol 1 Tracklisting

Age of Rage: Credo Tracks Vol 1 (Sole Aspect / 12" Vinyl)
A1. "Open To Close" (9:03)
A2. "Open To Close" (dub) (4:39)
B1. "Fake Action" (5:05)
B2. "Lover" (4:54)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.

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