This is where it’s at, the kind of shit that gets me excited. There’s music you hear and you just want to put on infinite play on a celestial jukebox so the whole world can share this with you. It’s the reason we carry on – you, me, the DJ, the dancer, the pusher and the penitent. Just finding one track that can do this, that can constrict & relax your muscles simultaneously, that can tap on your solar plexus like a xylophone and set off a million bright detonations in your head – just finding one track that can do that makes all of the searching, the weeks of searching, worthwhile.

And here are two.

This is the rare split EP that you can flip like an oversized, flimsy quarter and get a totally satisfactory outcome no matter which side lands face up. I admit that I got this based on “True Force” – that was the one that got me to jump up screaming – but over time I’ve come to switch it around. “The Fuck Off Track” is fucking poetry; it’s a throw away title for some of the least disposable, least common music I know.

“Dungeon Meat” is Brawther & Tristan Da Cunha, and I don’t know what the title or the alias mean but I’m signing up for whatever they’re selling. This works on a surface level – it will fill your dancefloor and people will begin moving in curious & unusual ways when they hear it. But the subtle textures and tones are mesmerizing, from hypnotic psycho-acoustics flaring from the left to right speaker to the contrast between gleaming steel percussion and layer upon layer of dense atmospheric sounds. It’s sound-sculpting for dancefloors – an artistry still bad-ass and visceral enough that ghetto DJs will try to slam this into the red and blow your system.

On the flip is “True Force” from SE62. This was my first love and I still find it so good it’s somehow profane. If “The Fuck Off Track” will make you want to fry your stereo, “True Force” will make you want to stomp a hole through the ground.

This is as perfect a record as you have any right to expect.


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