A year later and we catch up again with Ed Nine, whose first The Journey EP captured significant attention when it dropped on wax from Inner Balance in early 2018.

The four track EP of moody, lustrous deep house opened some doors for Ed and The Journey Part 2 ought to act as a battering ram for any that are still closed to him. Jazzy with live percussion and a bass so heavy it could compact matter like a fusion bomb, The Journey Part 2 is a brilliant trip through sophisticated and soulful deep house. “Alert” will busy up the dancefloor with dazzling vibes, uplifting chords and hats that play the body like sonic acupuncture. I don’t know if there’s a perfect deep house track but I’m nominating this one for it.

There’s nothing worse than buying vinyl for one track. That won’t happen to you here. All four tracks are lively, deep and high on soul.

Ed Nine: The Journey Part 2 / Inner Balance
A1. Ed Nine: “Alert” (5:46)
A2. Ed Nine: “Persevere” (6:05)
B1. Ed Nine: “Journey On Archer Avenue” (5:58)
B2. “Creepers” (5:26)



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