Ed Nine first perked up my ears with a DJ’s DJ, sick as hell mix, right here on our website. Then in 2014 I started getting his tracks in my box from various labels as well as his own newly launched Groove Access Music (catalog code = GAME….for those who don’t know). In came these scatty, shuffly beats with punchy basslines and key stabs left and right. They were unmistakably attributable to Ed. Some of them were so organic and raw I would “Lose My Mind” trying to mix them. In my circle it certainly seemed like we couldn’t play a set without him.

After a few months, I felt like the music was starting to become a little too comfortable and formulaic. One track was hard to distinguish from another. Which brings up an interesting question as to how, as an artist, do you stick to your naturally distinct sound without becoming the same loop wearing a different pair of dancing shoes? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but certainly freak it every which way you can.

I missed Ed, I really did. This return to Groove Access, putting out the label’s first vinyl record, is equivalent to the Kool-Aid man busting through the brick wall saying “I’m back bitches!” It’s got all the sweetness I expect and a variety of flavors to choose from. The acid punch is especially thirst quenching.

Out: Released last week on vinyl.

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016